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It exceeded our expectations!

My visually impaired son and I are hugely impressed with Hable One. Thank you for your innovation! We have been looking forward to this for months and it exceeded our expectations.

The device is instantly comprehensible to a young blind user and even to a sighted user like me. It really works intuitively out of the box. The video instructions were very clear.

We like that Hable’s advanced features are learnable gradually, but the basics make sense immediately. Even simple gestures like being able to play/pause by holding Braille “P” is a huge improvement - allowing the phone to be more of a computer in your pocket. It is more convenient, more secure when outside the house, and much faster for most gestures.

I’d like to highlight a recent experience of note: on iOS with keyboard, we found it impossible to set him up independently on his recent Maths homework (even on the highly accessible Pages app). We tweaked every access setting but each one caused a new problem, wasting an hour or more.

But as soon as we used Hable, the problems disappeared. He was able to rapidly type in powers (^), new lines, etc, while seamlessly app-switching to Google Docs for the questions.

The long hold gestures are great and instinctive. The rapidity of “swipe” actions speeds up every interaction.

Apple changed the world by building accessibility into its OS. This device takes it to the next level for blind users by moving screen gestures of the (pointless) screen. Simple but very clever - I’m sure Steve Jobs would have approved.

My only suggestion for improvement might be that a future model could be made of even tougher materials. I suspect it will get quite a lot of wear and tear precisely because it’s so useful. I realize that’s a balance with weight and cost, though.

We love that you have innovated and developed this device and will share our experiences with the V.I. team in Oxfordshire.

Thank you again.

David Pinching

David's son Daniel using his Hable One and smiling

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