Awesome chocolate bar

Do you like chocolate? Do you like helping people? Would you like to help people while eating chocolate? Then read on, because starting today, on International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we’re enabling people to do just that!

Our Impact

As a company that exists to make the digital world accessible for all, we at Hable One asked ourselves ‘what can we do today to make the world a more inclusive place?’ But while we have unlimited ambitions, as a start-up, we have limited funds… That’s where you and your love of chocolate comes in 😋. Our delicious Hable One Tony’s Chocolonely to be precise. Because for every 10 bars we sell, we will be able to give away a Hable One controller to blind and visually impaired children, enabling them to use their smartphones and giving them access to the digital world.


chocolate bars shipped 


controllers donated with your help

About the bar

Our unique bars have been especially made for Hable by Tony’s Chocolonely. They are full of colours distributed in unequal segments, representing the inequalities that exist due to exclusion. In the middle of the wrapper, you find a beautiful sketch of the Hable One controller, where you can fill out your initial in braille.


+€5 + €1,5 

€1,5 handling fee includes shipping chocolate bar to you.

= €12

How it works

  1. We buy each Hable One Tony’s Chocolonely bar for 5 euros.
  2. You pay 12 euros, 5,5 euros goes to providing Hable Ones for blind and visually impaired children.
  3. Hable One covers the remaining costs.

Hable's recipe for making modern technology accessible

We don’t have to tell you that having access to a phone is one of the most valuable things in life. Give a person a phone, and immediately they’ll have at their fingertips apps to help save money, consult a doctor, find a job, connect with family and friends, or assist everyday tasks. Of course, there are no apps to give back eyesight, but it’s a complete life changer. With the Hable One, we give every blind person the possibility to use their phone in a completely private, fast, and accessible way. Making a change starts by empowering people to participate in everyday life.

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Ready when you are

So for 12 euros you get to enjoy the tastiest chocolate the Netherlands has to offer while helping a blind or visually impaired child at the same time. We’ll start off by giving away 10 Hable One controllers, and if we reach 500 sales, we’ll give away 20 more.  You have till Christmas to get yourself an Awesome Chocolate bar, don't miss out!

Awesome Chocolate Bar

Awesome Chocolate Bar