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4 Best New Products for People with Visual Impairments

The Newest Technology that you must check out if you want to improve your day-to-day life!
Envision Glasses in action.

4 Best New Products for Visual Impairments

1. Envision glasses

Smartglasses by Envision.

The Envision glasses are designed to empower people who are visually impaired, by speaking out about the visual world surrounding them.

The glasses have nine different features:

  • Scan text

  • Video call

  • Instant text

  • Scene description

  • Face recognition

  • Object recognition

  • Colour detection

  • Batch scan

  • Export text

Amazing features

Women with a yellow scarf using the envision glasses.

The Scan text has the ability to turn any text into speech, and it works on over 60 languages. By using the Video Call, the person on the other line experiences your point of view. A great way to ask for advice or when you need directions.

Helps you navigate life

The instant text reads any short text that’s in front of you. This way, you can find the right shampoo in the drugstore or the right house number when going to a friend’s house. The scene description is great for sightseeing or a lovely walk in the park. You get a detailed description of your surroundings.

There is more

The Face Recognition feature helps you figure out who is who, for instance in a social gathering or a work meeting. Object Recognition helps you locate your missing items. Colour Detection makes sure you don’t mismatch any outfits. And Export Text gives you the ability to share the text that was just read out to you.

The reviews of the Envision Glasses rave about the product and we can understand why. It is an amazing innovation for people who are blind or visually impaired. It gives them a way to interpret the visual world in their own way.

The Envision Glasses have a standard lightweight titanium frame. You can also order the glasses with the Smith Optics Frame. These are full-frame glasses in which you can trade the lenses for your own prescription lenses. The standard frame costs €3268.91. The Smith Optics Frame costs an extra €399.

2. Sunu Band

Sunu Band, Looks like a smartwatch

The Sunu Band is a great innovation for people who are blind or visually impaired. The band can also be seen as an invisible sighted guide, as the company names it. It helps you navigate through life and keeps you safe.

So what does it do?

The Sunu Band is a smart band that gives vibrations when something like an object or person is too close. Which makes it the perfect product to help with social distancing in a time like this. You can change the intensity of the vibrations but also the distance from which you would like to be notified.

Suitable for anyone

The Sunu Band can be worn by anyone that deals with sight loss. If you have a guide dog the band still contributes to your life. The dog will most likely protect you from obstacles from the waist down but the Sunu Band also protects your upper body and head.

It can also be used if you use a white cane. You wear it on the opposite hand and the band will protect your upper body and head.

Even if you still have some vision and are partially sighted, the band can be used independently. The Sunu Band can be paired with an app that is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Raving reviews

The product has over 5000 users in over 45 countries already and the reviews are very positive. They all mention how easy it is to use and the confidence it gives them.

The Sunu Band has a sleek black design that has the looks of a smartwatch or activity tracker. It costs $299 and they ship worldwide.

3. Hable One

The Hable One in use. Two hands holding it and typing and navigating the phone with it.

We obviously couldn’t leave out the Hable One. For those that don’t know. The Hable One is a wireless smartphone keyboard that utilizes braille. We describe our product as a reinvention of how blind and visually impaired people use their smartphones.

But, how does it work?

The Hable One makes use of braille. Which ensures you to use your smartphone without voice-to-text or a virtual qwerty keyboard. You can operate your entire smartphone by using the Hable One. It works for texting and writing but also navigating through your phone and applications. We, at Hable, strive to make modern technology accessible for everyone. We explain it more in-depth here!

Making smartphones accessible

The Hable One is perfect for people who want to optimize their smartphone use. It works with any mobile device that has Bluetooth. The use of audio and voice recognition on a smartphone or tablet has definitely improved over the years but there are still problems with texting and writing on these devices.

Voice recognition does not always work properly. For instance, if you have a thick accent or don’t articulate well. Also, everyone can listen to you while you use your phone. Hable One helps you keep that privacy.

The Hable One is available for €249.

The Hable One comes with a USB-C charging cable that is also used for software updates. A safety strap to protect from damage. An online guide to provide you with all the information you need. And an online game for you to increase your typing skills.

4. Orbit Writer

Orbit Writer

Similar to the Hable One is the Orbit Writer. On their website, they call it “The perfect companion for your smartphone.” The Orbit Writer by Orbit Research is a braille keyboard that works with all smartphones and computers.

Braille on your smartphone

The Orbit Writer connects to your mobile device using Bluetooth but is also useable via USB. The keyboard has navigation keys to control your device with intuitive key combinations. The Perkins-style braille keyboard ensures the user of smooth operation for texting and writing.

Innovation is key

Orbit Research is an organization that creates innovative and affordable products that provide physically challenged people with an independent lifestyle. Its mission is to develop disruptive technologies and products that provide solutions to our customers' challenges every day.

The Orbit Writer is available for $99. The Orbit Writer comes with a USB charging cable. They also offer a strap of carrying case. These are sold separately.

Monday, 23 August 2021