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Gerard & Anton Awards 2019

Picture of the Hable team on stage after winning the Gerard & Anton Award

While the sun was slowly setting on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Innovation Origins handed out the Gerard & Awards for the sixth time. Ten new winners, one by one in an illustrious row. Because that's what we can say of the first fifty winners: if you have won a Gerard & Anton Award, your chance of survival increases by a factor of 100. Only 8% of the winners have left the company - just look at the current start-up statistics...

It is no coincidence that exactly today it became known that investments in start-ups in Eindhoven have increased by 20%.

The introduction came from Philips director Hans de Jong:

These are the winners of 2019:


Jury verdict: This DIFFER spinout was founded this year and has already won several awards. Chromodynamics can visualize chemistry live and has pioneering applications in energy and medical research. One of the first studies she is working on is in the field of nuclear fusion.


Jury-judgement: Ebusco has been working on the road for years when it comes to electric buses. Three years ago King Willem-Alexander let himself be driven through Paris in an Ebusco bus. In the meantime he has moved to a growth location in Deurne. The management has been strengthened with top companies in the public transport industry and Ebusco buses have already been spotted all over Europe. The time for a major breakthrough has come.​


Jury-judgement: The most beautiful innovations make society accessible to more people. With the smartphone, communication has become more visual. For visually impaired people, this is no progress. But Hable has created a solution from the TU/e. The Braille Keyboard for the smartphone. With this beautifully designed keyboard that fits like a case around your smartphone, a new group has easy access to online communication.


Jury verdict: Meanwhile, more energy is spent on cooling in data centres than on the actual computers. This is a problem due to the large amount of power required for this. Incooling uses CERN technology to cool only the chips, not the entire data centre, and in this way save a lot of energy.


Jury-judgement: Emotions often seem so visible. But that is by no means always the case. Certainly with people with a disability it is difficult to determine how they feel and therefore what care is needed. With the Emoradar, the care provider gains insight and can tailor the care much better to the patient's needs.​


Jury-judgement: The complexity of more modern products and the interactions within the product, an aeroplane or a bridge, is enormous. Ratio has developed tools to model and manage this complexity. Necessary to prevent budget overruns or even worse fatal errors.


Jury-judgement: Email is still a widely used and easily accessible means of communication. But it is not safe. Skotty has developed a safe, but still accessible application for file sharing and communication. Born out of need, the team has developed a robust platform that has attracted the attention of potential customers and competitors.


Jury-judgement: The advantage of electric vehicles is the flexibility that the designers have. Engines are small, the battery can be hidden away anywhere. That is, if you have a battery that has been developed specifically for you. Developing that battery is an art. The team that developed the modular battery on the Storm motorbike now does that for external customers, with great success.


Jury verdict: Solar panels are now cheap and widely used. Just connecting solar panels to achieve maximum efficiency is not that easy. With Taylor's electronics it is. They make solar panels plug&play. This reduces the installation costs and increases the efficiency.​


Jury-judgement: This Holst Centre spinoff has developed Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition. This technology makes it possible to make thin, flexible screens at scale. SALDtech provides the tooling for the production of these types of screens and is on the eve of a step towards becoming an important supplier to this industry.

The Gerard & Anton Awards have been made possible by EY, Philips, VO Patents & Trademarks, the municipality of Eindhoven and High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

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Thursday, 27 June 2019