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Hable One Review - Wiel Vos

A extensive review about the Hable One, by Wiel Vos
Hable One user Wiel Vos holding the Hable One with both hands while sitting in his chair. Wiel is wearing a blue and white blocked shirt

#Review Wiel Vos

Wiel has always worked with an iPhone. However, his experience with it was awful. Typing was extremely difficult, and he made many mistakes that took forever to correct. Even unlocking the phone was a big nuisance.

Until he came in touch with the Hable One. Which, in his own words, he calls “The wonder keyboard.” He was able to use his phone more and easier. We decided to visit Wiel and asked why he is so fond of the Hable One.

How do you use the Hable One?

The Hable one works with Bluetooth; you can switch between devices very quickly and easily. With the 8 buttons, I can control my entire phone. The use of the Hable One was very easy for me, it reminds me a lot of the Perkins braille machine. But this is way easier to bring with me. When using the Hable One I have the phone in front of me for the audio feedback. The Hable One fits nicely in my hands and I don't have to worry about my phone at all.

How would you describe the Hable One?

The Hable One is smaller than my phone and fits perfectly in my pocket. Due to its size, I bring the Hable One everywhere I go. The 'normal keyboards' you put flat on the table but, this is not the case for the Hable One. A lot of people asked me if this was not a problem, I always have the same answer: ''You get used to it very quickly''. The best thing about this is that you never need a flat surface to put your keyboard on, so I can use it everywhere.

When do you use the Hable One?

I use the Hable One all the time! Due to its size, I always bring it in my pocket everywhere I go. When I'm on the train I use the Hable One to send out text messages to people. I finally have the privacy that everyone else on the train also experiences while typing on their phones. But even in instances when I'm at home I use the Hable One. Transferring money for example has become way more secure for me. I'm able to transfer money while being 100% sure that I transfer over the right amount. In the past, someone else always had to check if I typed the correct amount. With the Hable One, I'm able to do this myself again!

How long did it take you to learn?

For me it worked pretty much instantly. When the Hable One arrived, it came with a program in which I was able to learn how to use it. But after a few minutes, I already got the hang of it. I started typing and never stopped since. I'm not even technical myself but it's so easy to understand since you push the buttons exactly as you read the alphabet. I think that someone new would understand the Hable One within 2 hours maximum.

Would you recommend it to others?

I would recommend it to everyone who has any problems with using their smartphone. You can feel the buttons instead of feeling the flat touch screen of the virtual keyboard. This gives the feeling that you're way more in control. It's stress-relieving since you hardly make any mistakes while typing and even if you do you can easily correct your mistakes! I go by the principle of: ''Why make it hard when it can be easy?'' that's why I use the Hable One.

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Link to the video of Wiel's Review (in Dutch)

Saturday, 10 April 2021