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How I use Technology - by Tyrese

Losing vision at the age of 14, technology has provided to be essential.
PS5 controller lying on a table with a red and green dark lightning over it

#Blog by Tyrese

When I was 14, I had perfect vision and then I lost it suddenly in an accident. When I woke up I couldn’t see anything, and over time my vision has been changing. The best way to describe how I see now is when you look through a window on a rainy day and everything is blurry. I can also see movement.

Technology and Gaming

Technology has made my life much easier since my vision changed. I have always liked playing games online but now I play them in a different way. The games use vibrations and sound to tell me what is happening on screen. For example in the game Astro’s playroom when you are walking, the controller vibrates, and as soon as you jump or land the vibration gets stronger. The controller also makes sounds that tell you when you are in the water.

I have learned how to play the PS5 games by listening to and watching YouTube videos, this also helps me out when I am stuck on a level. I have turned on the speech in the accessibility section on the PS5 and it reads what is on the screen. My favorite games on the PS5 are; Spiderman, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Cold War. My favorite Phone Games are; Helix Jump, Real Steel WRB, Faby Bird, Basketball, Sausage Run, and Rider.

Useful Applications

I can use apps like Seeing AI as well as VoiceOver to help me read by audio. Seeing AI is an app that can read lots of things for me as well as tell me colors and also describe scenes in front of me. I can also scan barcodes to identify a book. In school, I read Macbeth using my phone and earplugs. I use Alexa to turn the light on. Alexa also gives me reminders and plays music from amazon music and Spotify.

I find some games more difficult like Call of Duty Cold War because of the amount of detail. When my vision first changed, I missed not being able to use the TV remote and watch my favorite things. I got a special remote that worked by voice and a Bluetooth keyboard. I used to watch horror movies but now I don’t watch TV much anymore as I prefer playing games.

I also watch a lot of YouTube videos and have learned a lot about what other young people with visual impairments can do. I learned about someone who can ride a bike using clicking sounds, another person who has a VI and plays American football, and someone with a VI who won Masterchef in America!

Friday, 13 August 2021