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“Hable Accessibility launches Hable One, the new smartphone keyboard for visually impaired people”


Finally, visually impaired people can get the full potential out of their smartphone using the Hable One. This weekend, March 13 and 14, the keyboard is showcased at the Ziezo Beurs in Utrecht and visitors have the ability to pre-order the device.



Eindhoven, the Netherlands - For the last one and a half years, the Hable team has been working on the continuous development of the smartphone keyboard and now it is finally here. Starting March 13th, customers have the opportunity to pre-order the Hable One device at the Ziezo Beurs in Utrecht. During the exhibition, visitors have the possibility to test and interact with the device. In the afternoon, at 14:00, guests also have the possibility to join a workshop. Here an extensive introduction of the Hable One is given in combination with a demo by one of the founders. This provides a unique opportunity for visitors to ask questions regarding Hable One and its future development.

 “At Hable, we’re constantly working toward the perfect product for our customers,” as said by Ayushman Talwar, Hable’s managing director and original founder of the idea. “Last year we joined the Ziezo Beurs for the first time and it was a huge success. We’re thrilled to be there again this year, with an even better product. The team has been working towards this moment for a long time, so we all share the excitement of finally showcasing the device this weekend.”

Smartphones have the potential to provide an autonomous lifestyle for people with a visual impairment. Unfortunately, the current interfaces are not accessible. Texting with the on-screen keyboard is a slow and mistake-intensive process, and for some this is no option at all. Another control possibility is voice-to-text, however this option is not always possible. In crowded places it is hard to use, it is inconvenient for internal navigation and worst of all, there is no privacy.

This is why the Hable One has been developed. This small keyboard allows blind and visually impaired people to use their smartphone in any situation. The keyboard works super intuitive, assuring everyone is able to use the device. The Hable One is smaller than a smartphone, has 25 hours of battery life and allows people to text and navigate through your smartphone everywhere. The keyboard connects to any smartphone, both iOS and Android, using Bluetooth. With only eight buttons the user can type any letter, number or punctuation. Moreover, using intuitive button combinations the user can switch between apps, read texts or simply make a phone call. All of this, without the possibility for bystanders to hear or see what the user is doing – you have complete privacy!

It is almost four years ago that Ayushman came up with the idea of developing keyboard that makes smartphones more accessible for blind and visually impaired people. It was not by a coincidence that Ayushman came up with this concept. He lived in one house with his grandfather, who was turning blind. Two years later Ayushman joined the TU/e contest where he won the ASML makers award and quickly started forming a team. In the following years the keyboard started taking shape and with the help of over hundred different test-users, the Hable One was born.

Hable is an assistive technology company with a mission of making smartphones accessible to blind and visually impaired. The company is currently located in Eindhoven, where a team of six people is working on the continuous development of the company.

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