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  1. Most intuitive product you will ever use!
  2. Compatible with multiple devices!
  3. Longest battery life in the market (by a mile)
  4. Multiple languages supported!
  5. Get a free training session with our team!
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The Hable One has 1 month of battery life!

Why Should YOU get a Hable One?

Because with your Hable One, you will feel the joy of easy, fast, and portable communication, making every interaction smooth and frustration-free.

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How Does It Work?

  • Hable One is connected to the phone via Bluetooth

    Connect Your Phone or Tablet

    Easily connect your Hable One to your device via Bluetooth with just a few taps! Once connected, it will automatically pair every time you use it!

  • A user in public types on their phone using the Hable One, while keeping the phone securely stowed in their backpack

    Easy Typing

    Type using Braille combinations or the dictation button. If you know Braille, you can type in 10 seconds. If not, you can learn it in just 3 hours!

  • Blind user pressing 'H' on Hable to go to the home screen on his phone.

    Quick Phone Navigation

    Fully control VoiceOver or TalkBack using button combinations. The intuitive design, like holding 'h' for home, ensures a rapid learning curve!

  • Fast Learning
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable Price
  • Portable
  • Thousands of Users
  • Fast Learning
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable Price
  • Portable
  • Thousands of Users
  • Incredibly Easy and Intuitive to Use!

    It works as advertised. It also is priced incredibly advantageously for an article of assistive technology. It is compact, durable, and light.

    It’s incredibly easy and intuitive to use the Dot 6 keyboard commands to control my iPhone.

  • Helped Me With Braille Entry Skills!

    I absolutely love my Hable One. It has helped me with my grade one braille entry skills. But more importantly made it easier to navigate and use my phone.

    I would highly recommend an Hable one for its ease of use, long battery life and amazing community.

  • Man smiling and using his Hable One

    Short Learning Curve!

    I do not like the 'finger swipe' methods. As I walk around my seaside village here in Ireland with my guide dog, I often stop for coffee and then out comes my Hable.

    Honestly, this device so shortens the steep high learning curve. It is a must for all visually impaired and totally blind folk.

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Trusted and Acknowledged By

  • Sam from the Blind Life showing his Hable One

    Sam - The Blind Life Influencer

  • AT Guys, Hable Authorized distributor in the USA for blind and visually impaired people

    A.T Guys

  • Philips logo innovation award