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Hable One Keyboard

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Hable One, a portable Braille keyboard in black, featuring six white buttons, two black navigation buttons, a switch to turn the device on and off, and a charging port.
Regular price $199.00
Regular price Sale price $199.00

Step into a world where technology enhances freedom with the Hable One, the ultimate assistive device designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired.

This cutting-edge Braille keyboard connects effortlessly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, offering you the power to text, browse, and navigate apps with confidence—without ever needing to see your screen.

Compact and beautifully designed, the Hable One fits perfectly in your hand, making it your ideal companion for any adventure! Whether you're traveling to work, exploring a new city, or simply enjoying a day out. Keep your device safely tucked away in your backpack or pocket and experience connectivity like never before.

The Hable One is not just a tool, it's a gateway to enhanced independence for blind and visually impaired individuals. It supports various languages and Braille standards, making it a versatile and essential device for anyone looking to engage more fully with the digital world.

Embrace the freedom and simplicity the Hable One brings to your daily life. Discover how this remarkable device is transforming access to technology for the visually impaired community worldwide. Get your Hable One today and connect to the bigger picture.

With your purchase you don't just buy a device. We will make sure that you have everything you need to use your smartphone or tablet with Hable One.

Here is a list of things included with your purchase:

  • Hable One Device
  • USB-C Cable
  • Lanyard Wrist Strap
  • Warranty Card
  • Free Training for 30 minutes with our support team
  • Hable Manual
  • Braille manual on request

In addition, you can download the Hable App to ensure you always have the latest updates for your Hable One!

Hable was built with input from the community and ergonomic professionals to ensure a high level of accessibility, usability, and comfort.

These are the specifications Hable One has.

  • 1 Month battery life
  • Bluetooth BLE for low energy
  • Compatible with: iPhones & iPads running iOS 9 and higher
  • Compatible with: Android phones and tablets running Android 9 and higher
  • Languages supported: UEB, Spanish, French, German, Dutch
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Dimensions: 100mm (length) x 46mm (wide) x 8mm (height)
  • Material: Recycled high quality plastic

Review from Sam

  • Privacy!

    You can securely access your bank account in public or send private messages! Protect your privacy with ease!

  • Accurate Typing

    Transforming blind typing with intuitive interface, tactile buttons for accuracy. No Braille needed!

  • Forget Swiping

    No more frustrating gestures like double tapping or swiping. Our device's 8 tactile buttons offer practicality!

  • Long Battery Life!

    One charge per month keeps you connected! No frequent recharging. Ideal for the demands of an on-the-go lifestyle!

  • Easy to Learn!

    Master your Hable within 3 hours! Very easy to learn once this assistive device is very intuitive and easy to connect!

What clients say

  • Review 5 Stars on Amazon

    It’s a extraordinary price point for its capabilities

    "The Hable one is so easy to learn, and provides a very fast and natural way to interface with your iOS or android device, and it’s a extraordinary price point for its capabilities. I learned braille 35 years ago, but haven’t written in braille consistently over the years, so this has been a great refresher for Grade 2 braille for me. And it gives instant feedback." - Read full review here.

  • Review 5 Stars on Google

    Become much more independent!

    The Hable One is a fantastically simple device to pair and to use to navigate a cell phone & help visually impaired folks be more independent with their mobile device. Thanks for developing it! It's a huge help to my daughter and is allowing her to be much more independent. - Google Reviews

  • Review 5 Stars on Amazon

    I didn't know how to use Braille

    " Before I had this device I barely used my phone because talk back was very hard for me to use. I didn't know how to use Braille but I just followed the directions that I was given along with the videos and it was super easy to learn. The support team has also been very helpful. I would highly recommend this product for anyone with visual impairments and has trouble using their phone." - Read the full review here.

Review from Shaun

Manual displayed on the computer screen.


Ready to master your Hable One? Choose the best manual for you and download it now for a seamless experience!

Download Manuals

Available on Amazon!

You can find this product on Amazon in:

United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands and Belgium


Which devices are compatible with the Hable One?

The Hable One is compatible with the following devices:  

  • iPhones with iOS version 11 and above,
  • Android smartphones version 11 and above,
  • iPad, Blindshell Classic 2
  • For laptops and computers, only typing is supported.

We do not support screenreaders like Jawz or NVDA.

What are the dimensions of the Hable One?

The Hable One is 10 cm or 4 inches in length and 5 cm or 2 inches in width.

For reference, the iPhone 7 is 16 cm or 6.2 inches in length and 8 cm or 3.1 cm in width.

Which languages does Hable One support?

Hable offers support for more than 10 languages. Should your preferred language not be listed, we encourage you to contact us, and we will ensure to add them.

The languages currently supported include:

  • English (UEB & AEB)
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Icelandic
  • Finnish

Can I read texts with the Hable One?

Hable One is meant only for typing and navigating on your phone. It’s an input device.

You hear your text or actions via the audio of the phone/ tablet or earphones if you have these connected

Is Hable One made from durable materials?

Hable One is made from recycled ABS plastic which is durable and long lasting.

How to know the battery levels on the Hable One?

Hable One has haptic feedback to indicate battery levels. Battery level shortcut command indicates if the battery is low, sufficient or high by vibrating once, twice or thrice.

How reliable is Bluetooth connection on the Hable One?

Hable One uses Bluetooth Low Energy (5.1) for reliable and fast connection up to 5 meters from the connected device.

Users do not experience delays between typing speeds and the audio of the screen reader.

What happens if my device is broken?

We offer 1 year warranty in situations where damage to the device is not caused by accident, water or any other way.

Warranty is covered only incase of faulty components. Repair to the device is possible.

Please reach out to your local reseller or Hable at

How easy is it to learn Hable One? Is there a learning curve?

Most users report a minor learning curve, and they start enjoying the Hable very quickly.

However, the Hable One is unique in that it allows you to type while standing up. This keyboard layout can take some time to get used to for some users.

Like anything though, your speed and comfort with the device will increase with use.

Can I use the Hable One without Voiceover or TalkBack?

Yes! This is possible. Reach out directly to our support team for more information on how to do this.