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New Assistive Technology More Accessible in the USA


Imagine having the world at your fingertips, even if you can't see it. Now, picture the freedom to perform everyday tasks like accessing your bank account, sending messages, and browsing the internet, all without relying on anyone else. Thanks to Hable One, this vision has become a reality for millions of visually impaired individuals in the United States. In this blog post, we'll delve into how this groundbreaking Braille keyboard is revolutionizing lives and making accessibility a top priority in the USA.

The Accessibility Challenge

Do you get frustrated typing on your smartphone, taking minutes to type out a password or having to read back all your dictated texts on errors? Or do you struggle having to use smartphone gestures all day? Or perhaps you've experienced a lack of privacy in public places when you needed to enter a password on your phone?  That's where Hable One steps in.

The challenge is to make smartphones more accessible for visually impaired people and reduce their anxiety about using technology. It’s about making technology more accessible and providing empowerment and freedom for paying bills, ordering groceries, etc.

Hable One: The Accessibility Revolution

Hable One is an innovative Braille keyboard specifically designed to enhance the lives of visually impaired individuals in the USA and worldwide. This is a Braille keyboard smaller than a smartphone that you can carry with you everywhere in your pocket. 

It allows you to navigate through your cellphone smoothly without struggling to type quickly or use social media or answer emails. It doesn't matter if you are on the bus, in the car, or on the street; you can safely access your accounts with Hable while your cellphone is securely tucked away in your pocket. 

This revolutionary keyboard empowers people with visual impairments by eliminating the need for voice commands or dictation when using a smartphone or tablet.

Key Benefits of Hable One

1. Discreet Access to Bank Accounts

The security of financial information is a paramount concern for everyone. With Hable One, users can discreetly access their bank accounts, ensuring their information remains secure and private. You can access your accounts while you are in public places just by navigating your cellphone with the Hable One while you keep your phone in your pocket. Say goodbye to worries about prying eyes!

2. Fast and Efficient Navigation

Browsing the internet and using apps has never been simpler. Hable One enables users to navigate their smartphones with ease and efficiency, without struggling to access apps, type messages and emails, and use social media, turning daily tasks into a breeze.

3. Universal Compatibility

Hable One boasts universal compatibility with a wide range of devices, making it a versatile choice for visually impaired individuals. Whether you use an Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, or other devices, Hable One has you covered.

4. Affordable Price Point

One of Hable One's most remarkable features is its affordability. In a market where technologies for the visually impaired often come with exorbitant price tags, Hable One offers an accessible alternative without compromising on quality.

You can find it on Amazon if you are in the USA or on our website if you are in another country.

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Expansion into the USA

Driven by the growing demand for accessibility in the United States and the necessity for affordable, effective solutions for visually impaired individuals, Hable has made the strategic decision to expand its operations to the USA.

The company is committed to making the lives of visually impaired individuals easier and more independent.

How to Get Your Hable One

If you're in the United States and excited to embrace the newfound freedom and independence that Hable One offers, you're in for a treat! Hable One is now conveniently available for purchase on Amazon USA. All it takes is a quick click on the link below to make it yours.

Access the Hable One on Amazon

But what if you're not in the USA? Don't worry; we've got you covered! You can also acquire your very own Hable One through our website store. We've expanded our reach to nine countries, ensuring that accessibility knows no boundaries.

So, whether you're in the USA or beyond, don't miss the chance to get your Hable One and experience a world of accessibility at your fingertips.

Testimonials from Delighted Users

This is Dennis's review of his new Hable One: “The Hable absolutely blows me away. You can do things fast and efficient. You are able to double tap and hold on voice message buttons in WhatsApp and to send voice messages in iMessages, fast forward and rewind bard books ETC. The ability to type quick is another good thing. It took little to no time to learn it and become good using the Hable. I also love how quick it is to use the rotor. The Hable is used to control and do everything on my phone from browsing the web, checking emails, playing radio stations, and adding contacts to name a few.”
This is Joshua's review of his new Hable One: “The Hable is totally awesome. Being able to do searches for audible, bard, and books in voice dream reader is so cool. Being able to answer or reject phone calls, being able to type in numbers when needed is really great. I know the Hable will just get better and better.”

Hable One is not just a product; it's a gateway to newfound independence and limitless possibilities for visually impaired individuals in the United States. With its affordable price, universal compatibility, and user-friendly design, Hable One is changing the lives of those who rely on it.

This holiday season, make a meaningful impact on the life of someone you care about by gifting them the power of independence and accessibility. Acquire Hable One on Amazon USA and become part of the accessibility revolution.

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