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The Dynamic Duo: Using TalkBack and Hable for Effortless Typing for the Blind


TalkBack is a tool that helps people who can't see very well use their android phone or tablet. It makes the phone or tablet talk to the person using it, so they know what's on the screen.

When someone is using Hable with TalkBack to read something, they can use different ways to move around on the screen. They can use shortcuts to move between things, like buttons or pictures. They can also move between lines of text, or paragraphs, which are big chunks of text.

There are also two ways to read things on TalkBack. The first way is called continuous reading. That means TalkBack will keep reading everything on the screen from where the person is up to the end. The second way is called single-line reading. That means TalkBack will only read one line of text at a time, and the person can swipe up or down to read the next or previous line.

TalkBack also has some special features to help people who can't see very well. People can change the speed and volume of the voice they hear, and they can pick different languages or voices to use. They can also make their own names for buttons or pictures on the screen if they want to.

So, that's what TalkBack does! It helps people who can't see very well read things on their phone or tablet by making it talk to them and showing them where they are.

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