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The easiest Braille Keyboard for your Smartphone

Simple and Small

Why you use the Hable One

  • Navigate your phone with simple movements and shortcuts

    You have trouble controlling VoiceOver or TalkBack due to the many swipes and gestures.

  • Making typing more Accurate.

    Navigating your phone comes naturally to you, but typing takes a lot of time and is frustrating because of the many typing errors.

  • Access your smartphone anywhere

    You are on the road a lot and don't always want to carry around a large keyboard or use the dictation function.

The Hable One

The Hable One is the easiest physical braille keyboard for your smartphone. It works with VoiceOver and TalkBack on smartphones and tablets. It can be used for typing more accurately and navigating your phone with simple movements and shortcuts.

Please note: You do not require a desk or stand to use this product.

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Hable One Manual

The Hable One works with Apple and Android devices. Download the manual to learn about all the Hable One functions.

Download the manual

Modern technology accessible to everyone

A smartphone is essential to get ahead in life. We make modern technology such as the mobile phone accessible to as many people as possible.

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