Hable One imahe with iPhone

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Hable One

A reinvention of how blind and visually impaired use their smartphones.


Why Hable One

Type with effortless precision

Tired of using voice-to-text or the virtual qwerty keyboard? So are we. The Hable One is a wireless smartphone keyboard that utilises braille input to provide the very best typing experience. Type with confidence on a keyboard built for efficiency, precision and mobility. 

Voice Over Gestures

VoiceOver gestures and shortcuts, we’ve got it all

No more double- or triple-tap. No more 4-finger-tap. And no more swiping on the screen. Simply access all VoiceOver or TalkBack functions with your Hable One keyboard. 

Better Design

Take light and think big

The Hable One is smaller than your smartphone and weighs less than a pear! With the portable design you’re finally able to use your smartphone as it was meant to be used. Put your smartphone in your bag or pocket, plug in your earphones and Hable away.

Picture of black Hable One from front
User operating Hable One with iPad

Still not sure if the Hable One is for you? We've made it easier for you to find out which typing solution fits you best.  

The best way for visually impaired people to use a smartphone

What do users say?

Ronnie Smilde

People like me with limited sight, can now finally use applications that require text input.

Tonny van Breukelen

It’s an amazing device! Light, compact, and really easy to use.

Helma Verhof

Typing has become so much easier with the Hable One! I can now finally write texts as long as I want!
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