Image of black color Hable One from side view
model using Hable One while sitting on a couch

How do I hold the Hable One? 

Hable One is like a game controller. Simply hold it with both hands during use. There’s no need for a table or desk!

Using the Hable One while on the go

It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling by train, tram, boat or plane, the Hable One can be easily used whilst on the go. The keyboard is compact – similar in size to the iPhone 5 – and at 90 grams weighs less than a banana! What’s more, it comes with a special removable strap to hang around your wrist.

train station with guide dog
controller inside womens pockets

Pocket mode

There are 3 ways to use Hable One. Sleep mode, when not using the keyboard. Awake mode, while texting. And pocket mode, which prevents any accidental key presses, while still maintaining the Bluetooth connection. 

Using braille for typing texts

The Hable One keyboard uses the latest braille tables in your language, in addition to supporting shorthand and contracted braille to boot.

two hands holding Hable One
iPad image inside a house

Working with Apple or Android

The Hable One supports cross platform connections. It’s easy to connect to your iPhone®, iPad®, AppleTV® or any Android smartphone or tablet. Connecting takes just a couple of seconds, after which you can get started straight away with sending texts on your phone. 

Helpful shortcuts

Forget hunting around the screen or in menus to perform simple actions. The Hable One features a complete set of shortcut keys.


  1. Home: go to home screen

  2. Quick navigation: switch quick navigation on/off

  3. Search: brings up iOS search field

  4. Virtual keyboard: shows/hides the virtual keyboard

  5. Media controls: Back/Forward, Play/Pause/Stop

  6. Volume controls: Mute, Volume up, Volume down

  7. Screen on/off: locks iPad Pro screen

  8. Battery check: Vibration feedback for battery status

shortcuts on iPhone using hable one
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Reliable Bluetooth connection

The Hable One uses advanced Bluetooth®  Low Energy wireless for a reliable, energy-efficient connection that won’t drop between the phone and keyboard. Simply connect once, and your controller will automatically connect every time your smartphone is on.