What is the Hable One?

Typing slowly with your smartphone or making a lot of mistakes with

voice-to-text is finally over.

The Hable One makes using your smartphone easier, more fun and a lot

faster. Moreover, the Hable One is smaller than your phone, so you can

always have it with you, wherever you go.

We like to call the Hable One a smart remote control for your phone. With 8 physical buttons you have full control over your phone. For typing, the Hable One makes use of Braille, allowing you to type faster than ever.

Besides typing you can also use the Hable One to control VoiceOver or

Talkback. So, stop with that triple tap or crazy 'Z-movement'. The Hable

One's keys make navigating the phone simple again. And thanks to a

smart start guide, you'll have full control in no time.

The Hable One connects to any phone, both Apple and Android, via

Bluetooth. No app is needed, the Hable One works directly. The Hable One will be released in March, but if you order it now, you get a 20% discount!

Do you have any questions left, leave you email and we will help you right away!