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United Kingdom

Hable One

Smartphone keyboard
Hable One – Product Photo

Delivered within 10 days

30 days to change your mind and free returns

Pay with Apple Pay, Credit or Debit card, Google Pay or PayPal

What's in the box?

With your purchase you don't just buy a device. We will make sure that you have everything you need to use your smarpthone or tablet with Hable One. Here is a list of things included with your purchase:

Your Hable One
Free Training course - 30 minutes
Hable iPhone app
User manual
Braille manual on request

Technical specification

Hable was built with care. We consulted the comunity for what they would like the Hable to have. These are the specifications Hable One has.

1 month battery life
Bluetooth BLE for low energy
Hable is compatible with iPhone, iPads running iOS 9 and higher
Hable is compatible with android phone and tablets running Android 9 and higher
Languages supported: UEB, Spanish, French, German, Dutch
Weight: 90 grams
Device dimentsions are 100mm(length) x 46mm(wide) x 8mm(height)


We put together answers to questions you might like to ask.

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