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Hable is coming to the US

Hello there!

Welcome to Hable, where we developed the easiest portable braille keyboard for your smartphone. It enables people who are blind or visually impaired to use their smartphones effectively and make typing as effortless as possible.

Here is a video that explains what the Hable One is in more detail:

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As a part of the premier access group, you would have a unique opportunity to discuss with creators how you think the Hable One can be improved. You can sign up by filling out the survey and we will pick the 30 lucky winners by October 15. If you would like to join in, please fill out this online form. Click here.

About Hable

Hable was born when Ayushman (co-founder of Hable) wanted to help his blind grandfather. Ayushman developed the first prototype, kicking of the journey of Hable.

About us - the whole story

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Want to be amongst the first people in the US to receive a Hable One? Sign up now by filling out this link.