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Last Updated: 27 April 2020          


This Privacy Policy (hereafter “Policy”) describes (i) how Hable Accessibility (hereafter referred to as “we” or “Hable”) collects, uses, stores, shares and protects your personal data; and (ii) the rules and your rights in this regard, as established by law.


  1. Who is Responsible for Processing your Personal Data?

As Hable, we are responsible for processing your personal data and we determine how your data will be used. However, to conduct our business and improve our services, we may engage with other companies such as our partners. You can find more information about these companies in the following articles of this Policy.


  1. What Personal Data Do We Process? 

When you use our Services, website or correspond with us, we process the following categories of personal information:

  1. Identification data (e.g. name/last name)

  2. Financial data (e.g. billing address)

  3. Personal traits (e.g. date of birth, gender)

  4. Communication data (e.g. telephone, email)

  5. Data related with the Service Agreement (e.g. home address, date of purchase and delivery)

  6. Use of our IT equipment (e.g. location of usage, time of day of usage, frequency of the buttons pressed)

  7. Insurance data (e.g. your insurance company, your insurance plan)

  8. Survey data (e.g. your answers to usability test surveys and user experience surveys)


  1. Why Do We Process Your Personal Data?

We process your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. to inform you about our services;

  2. to improve our services;

  3. to fulfil your purchases of Hable products as well as to administer your account;

  4. to perform market research and statistical analyses;

  5. to perform direct marketing activities;

  6. to perform our legal obligations and defend ourselves in legal disputes;

  7. to negotiate with your insurance companies about including the cost of the device on your plan.


  1. What is the Legal Ground for Our Processing Activities?

It is our legal obligation to clearly indicate the legal basis of each of our processing activities. We will identify this for the purposes set out in article 3.




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