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  • My excitement is overflowing

    My excitement is overflowing at having such a tactile way to interact with my iPhone and iPad while using voice over. So far how I hold the Hable One is easier on my hands than screen away mode, typing is easier, and having physical buttons is helping me connect the dots to the letters, and it’s easier to feel which fingers I am using.

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    Lynne Nicholson
  • It fits right into my blouse pocket

    Although I did not use Braille typing for quite some time, with the Hable I immediately got the hang of this again. Also, traveling will be much easier with the Hable One because it is small and fits right into my blouse pocket!

  • I can now skip the annoying YouTube ads

    This is a demo of the Hable, as you can see I can easily navigate through my screen now, making photos of myself is also possible with the Hable One!

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  • Typing is so fast with the Hable One

    Check the video of Ron showcasing and explaining how the Hable One works below!

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  • Easy to take on the road

    Entering text is faster and with fewer errors thanks to the Hable One

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    Marinka Dijkman
  • It's a quite brilliant piece of kit

    It's a quite brilliant piece of kit, and, as the instruction manual states, it makes using an Iphone or an Android phone "super easy." With my reservations gone, I warmly recommend it. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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    Roger Fordham
  • It Exceeded our expectations

    My visually impaired son and I are hugely impressed with Hable One. Thank you for your innovation! We have been looking forward to this for months and it exceeded our expectations.

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    David Pinching
  • Extremely fast working

    Because the Hable One uses the Braille system, it is a small and handy keyboard. It is easy to use. No bells and whistles. The more you know about Braille, the more you will enjoy working with it textually. And..., because you only work with eight keys, after a while you can work very quickly with it.

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    Herman Slobbe
  • I am super excited!

    Within 1 hour I could already do more with my phone than the last 3 years.

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    Henk Kortschot
  • No Explanation Needed

    I was part of the Hable One trial. I did not even need a manual to get started, it was that easy. I use it every single day!

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    Mark Noorlander
  • A huge step forward!

    The Hable One makes it possible for me to use my phone. Tangible buttons make it super easy to navigate the phone!

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    John Ross
  • No other braille devices need anymore!

    I got used to it very quickly. I don't even need my Braille reading rule now!

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    Bo Heesakkers
  • Typing is great!

    Typing has become so much easier with the Hable One! I can now finally write texts as long as I want!

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    Helma Verhof
  • My Day is Only Stable with Hable

    People like me with limited sight, can now finally use applications that require text input.

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    Ronnie Smilde
  • Simply Amazing

    It is really easy to get started. It works exactly like braille and because it is so small, I take it everywhere!

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    Wiel Vos
  • So cool!

    The Hable One is really small. It was really easy to get started and I love it!

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    Demi Duve
  • Amazing!

    It’s an amazing device! Light, compact, and really easy to use.

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    Tonny van Breukelen
  • Happy!

    I'm so happy that Hable One exists; sending messages has become easier, quicker and more precise!

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    Rachel Valkenburg
  • Ease of use

    The ease of using your smartphone while on the go is strongly improved with the Hable One.

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    Thea den Dulk-Hoffman

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