Hand holding black Hable One with orange background

Always in control

Hable One waiting list

We are busy producing the best Hable's. Just a little while longer! You can now register for the waiting list. If you register now, it will be your turn as soon as possible.

Product information

The Hable One controller is a hardware keyboard with eight buttons that can be used in any situation. Thanks to its unique design, you’ll never need a desk or table to type again. The controller connects to both iOS and Android using Bluetooth. No installation is needed – just plug it and start typing! With the combination of eight buttons you can write and edit texts, navigate through applications and use shortcuts for a smooth and swift smartphone experience.

What's in the bag?

  • A USB-C cable for charging and software updates.

  • A safety strap to protect against damage

  • A 5-page online guide to get you Habling in no-time

  • An online game to increase your typing speed

Technical information

  • Durable design built for on the go

  • Extremely light: 90 grams

  • Ergonomically designed for an easy typing experience

  • Shortcuts for outstanding navigation

  • Fits right in your pocket: 100 x 46 x 8mm

  • 50 hours of battery life when actively used

  • Remote software updates

  • Made in Holland

User reviews

Thea den Dulk-Hoffman

The ease of using your smartphone while on the go is strongly improved with the Hable One

Rachel Valkenburg

I'm so happy that Hable One exists; sending messages has become easier, quicker and more precise!

Tonny van Breukelen

It’s an amazing device! Light, compact, and really easy to use.

Wiel Vos

You're so much more independent, I'm even able to do my banking again!

Ronnie Smilde

People like me with limited sight, can now finally use applications that require text input.

Helma Verhof

Typing has become so much easier with the Hable One! I can now finally write texts as long as I want!