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Frequently asked questions

Do you need some help or further information? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our frequently asked questions, take a look at the product manual or sign up for a free test possibility of your Hable One!
  • What is the size of the Hable One?

    The Hable One is 10 centimetres in length and 5 centimetres in width. As a comparison, the iPhone 7 is 16 centimetres in length and 8 centimetres in width.

  • Can I read text with the Hable One?

    Only using audio. The Hable One is meant for typing and navigating the phone only. For feedback, we use VoiceOver or TalkBack audio.

  • Is the Hable One made from durable materials?

    The Hable One is made from ABS plastic which is durable and long-lasting. Next to this, the ABS is developed from recycled plastics, just as good as regular ABS, but a bit better for the world!

  • How do you find the battery level on the Hable One?

    The Hable One has haptic feedback to indicate battery levels. The battery level shortcut command indicates if the battery is low, sufficient, or high by vibrating once, twice, or thrice. Good to note that the Hable One will last several weeks when used intensively.

  • How reliable is the Bluetooth connection on the Hable One?

    The Hable One uses the latest Bluetooth Module (5.1) for reliable and fast connection up to 5 meters from the connected device. Hable One users experience texting without delay between typing speeds and screen readers.

  • What is the difference between the Orbit Writer and the Hable One

    We have written an extensive blog highlighting the differences between both products. Make sure to check this for a more in-depth overview. In short, there are three main differences. First, to use the Orbit Writer you need a desk or stand to place the keyboard. With the Hable One, you can simply hold it in the air. This means you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Second, the Orbit Writer is built to type more efficiently, whereas the Hable One is designed to make using your smartphone easier. Thanks to its design it is extremely intuitive to use the smartphone with the Hable One. We have users from 5 years old up to 82 years old that were onboarded in no time. Lastly, the building quality. The Hable One uses the latest Bluetooth Module and other high-quality components making sure it is built to last. The Orbit Writer on the other hand is built for low costs, which can be observed in the quality of the product.

  • Where can I buy the Hable One?

    The Hable One is available in multiple countries. We work together with our partners to distribute the Hable One's. Want to order a Hable One? Simply send us an email on and we will provide you with the next steps.

  • Can I test the Hable One first?

    Currently, this is available in the both the Netherlands and Belgium. However, there are huge waiting lists, meaning that it might take a while before you get a chance to try the Hable One. If you want to get your hands on a Hable One sooner, we recommend you to order the Hable One. If you are not happy with the controller, you have two weeks to send it back and you will get a complete refund!

  • What can I do with the Hable One keyboard?

    With the Hable One, you can control your entire phone (iOS and Android). The controller can be used for typing, VoiceOver gestures and shortcuts. It supports all wireless keyboard commands. For more details, make sure to check the product manual!

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