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The Hable One is compatible with the following devices:  iPhones version 11 and above, Android smartphones version 11 and above, iPad, Blindshell classic 2, Amazon Fire. If you would like the Hable to work with laptops and computers, please reach out to us.

Hable One is 10 cm or 4 inches in length and 5 cm or 2 inches in width. iPhone 7 is 16 cm or 6.2 inches in length and 8 cm or 3.1 cm in width.

Unfortunately not. Hable One is meant only for typing. You hear your text or actions via the audio of the phone/ tablet or earphones if you have these connected.

Hable One is made from ABS plastic which is durable and long lasting.

Hable One has haptic feedback to indicate battery levels. Battery level shortcut command indicates if the battery is low, sufficient or high by vibrating once, twice or thrice.

Hable One uses the bluetooth 5.1 for reliable and fast connection up to 5 meters from the connected device. Hable One users experience texting without delay between typing speeds and screen reader.

Hable offers support for more than 15 languages. Should your preferred language not be listed, we encourage you to contact us, and we will ensure to add them. The languages currently supported include: English (UEB & AEB), German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, Icelandic.

Support is available in the US in the states mentined above. We offer 1 year warranty in situations where damage to the device is not caused by accident, water or any other way. Warranty is covered only incase of faulty components. Repair to the device is possible. Please reach out to your local reseller or Hable at

Most users report a minor learning curve, and they start enjoying the Hable very quickly. However, the Hable One is unique in that it allows you to type while standing up. This keyboard layout can take some time to get used to for some users. Like anything though, your speed and comfort with the device will increase with use.

Yes! This is possible. Reach out directly to our support team for more information on how to do this.