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January 2023 Release

New features in Jan 2023 Update

iPhone Users 

  • Now switch Voice-Over on and off. Hold 136. When full keyboard access settings is turned on.

  • Latest Updates for iOS 16

  • Battery Status update

Android Users

  • All new rotor options, or reading controls. Reading controls help you manage settings like how fast TalkBack speaks and whether it reads by character, line, or paragraph.

  • Activate google now

  • Open app section to view all apps

  • Accessibility menu to access accessibility options quickly

Braille Users

  • Coming soon! Support for AEB - American English Braille

How to update the Hable One with the Hable iPhone or iPad (iOS) application

Before you update your device

  1. Before using the Hable App, users should update the Hable One controller to the December 2022 update with a windows PC. Please download the December 2022 version using this link.

  2. If the last version on your Hable is the July update, you need to update to the December 2022 version that you can find with this link This update allows your Hable One to be updated via the app. Without it, your Hable cannot be updated with the app. Incase of doubt, please contact Hable Support. 

  3. The Hable App is only available for iPhone & iPad users. If you use an Android phone, please contact Hable support. 

  4. The January 2023 update will be the last one possible via PC. This means that every subsequent update will have to be done using an iPhone or iPad. If you don’t own one of those, you can use the app on a friend’s iPhone or iPad.

How to update your Hable One with the App

  1. Make sure your Hable One is already connected to your iPhone or iPad via bluetooth.

  2. Download the Hable app from the play store.

    1. You can use this link to open the app on your iPhone or iPad. Link:

  3. To search for the Hable app on the app store. Go to app store > Search, and then search for Hable. The Hable app might be third or forth from the top.

  4. Click on the Download button or Get button to install the app. Open the app.

  5. You will get the following alerts as soon as you open your app:

    1. Alert 1: “Hable” Would like to use bluetooth. Be sure to press “OK”

    2. Alert 2: “Hable” would like to send your notifications. It is not mandatory to allow this.

    3. Alert 3: “Hable” would like to use bluetooth for new connections. Be sure to press “OK”. 

  6. To install the update, open the Hable app and scroll down to the latest version (January 2023)>  then click on the ‘Install now’ button. Attention: Please do not switch off the Hable One or Hable app during the updating process. 

  7. The process takes 60 seconds. When the Hable vibrates, the updating process is complete.

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