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January Release

Device Navigation

  • Implemented Dictation function on iOS and Android (to enable dectation hold dot 2 on your Hable One)

Braille UEB

  • Implemented Pound Sign 

Braille Dutch

  • Corrected @ sign 

  • Corrected # sign

Braille Flemish Belgium

  • Corrected keyboard AZERTY settings

Braille German

  • Corrected alphabets and special symbols 

  • Corrected implementation and braille codes for <> {}

  • Square bracket sign not corrected

  • Paragraph sign not implemented

Braille Spanish

  • Implemented uncontracted Grade 1 braille

Braille French

  • Implemented uncontracted Grade 1 braille

How to update your Hable One

You will need a Windows PC with an internet connection to complete the steps. 

0. If you have downloaded an update before, first remove the old Hable toolbox from your computer. If this is the first time updating your Hable One, you can ignore this step.

1. Disconnect the Hable One from all devices and set it in off state. 

2. Download the updating tool from  


3. The download should begin automatically. Since the publisher details are missing,  windows would warn you about downloading the tool. Please permit the windows to continue downloading. This can be done by clicking on the menu of the downloaded file. 

4. Once complete you can run the file. 

5. Windows would pop a warning about installing the file. Please click on the advanced options button and then click on the button - run anyway. 

6. The installation should take 2 minutes to complete. The installation window would appear shortly after. The installation windows needs no alterations.

7. Connect the Hable One using a USB C cable to the PC. Hable should be switched off.

8. Click on the Update button in the installation window. The process should begin and should take 2 minutes to complete. Hable would vibrate when the process begins.  Installation is complete when a message pops up. 

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