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Software updates

Stay up to date with the latest Hable app and view the version history to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes. Attention! It could be that your Hable requires December 2022 update before you install January 2023 update.
Download on the App Store Image
December 2022 Update

New features in December 2022 Update

The last PC update before you can update your Hable with the iOS app! This update will not add any feature upgrades to your Hable One, but only make it capable of being updated with the app. Remember that without this update, you will not be able to use the app.

What you need

1. Windows system

2. Hable One turned on and connected to the windows system with the cable provided

Before you update your device

The December 2022 update will be the last one possible via PC. This means that every subsequent update will have to be done using an iPhone or iPad. From July 2023 onwards android users will also have access to the Hable app.

How to update your Hable One with your Windows PC

1. Disconnect the Hable One from all devices. Please make sure that the Hable is switched on for this process.

2. If you already have a version of the updating tool installed on your PC, make sure to uninstall that first.

3. Download the updating tool from weblink

4. The download should begin automatically. Since the publisher details are missing, windows would warn you about downloading the tool. Please permit the windows to continue downloading. This can be done by clicking on the menu of the downloaded file.

5. Once the download is complete, you can run the file. Windows would pop a warning about installing the file. Please click on the advanced options button and then click on the button - run anyway.

6. Please make sure that the Hable is switched ON for this process. Connect the Hable One using the USB C cable provided in the box to the PC.

7. The installation window should have opened up. Click on the update button to start the installation.

8. The process should begin and should take 2 minutes to complete. The Hable will vibrate when the process begins. Installation is complete when a message pops up saying “Device has been successfully updated”.

9. After the update is complete, the Hable One will need less than a minute to set up the new update. During that time, you don’t have to do anything. The Hable One will vibrate when the setup is complete.

10. Now you can install the January update to your Hable with the app!

Troubleshooting steps

If the windows update tool gives an error "ERROR! Something went wrong during the update. No devices found.". You can resolve it by first switching on the Hable and then clicking on the Update button. If the error still exists, it could mean that your Hable is already updated to December 2022 version.

January 2023 Update

New features in Jan 2023 Update

iPhone Users

-Now switch Voice-Over on and off. Hold 136. When thefull keyboard access settings is turned on.

-Latest Updates for iOS 16

-Battery Status update

Android Users

-All new rotor options, or reading controls. Reading controls help you manage settings like how fast TalkBack speaks and whether it reads by character, line, or paragraph.

-Activate google now

-Open app section to view all apps

-Accessibility menu to access accessibility options quickly Braille Users

-Coming soon! Support for AEB - American English Braille

Before you update your device

Have you already installed the December 2022 update? It has to be done before updating with the app. If you are unsure if your device has already been updated to the December 2022 release, we recommend that you attempt to update it once again to be sure. In case of doubt, contact and we can work it out together!

The Hable App is only available for iPhone & iPad users. If you use an Android phone, please contact Hable support.

Every subsequent update will have to be done using an iPhone or iPad. If you don’t own one of those, you can use the app on a friend’s iPhone or iPad.

How to update your Hable One with the Hable App

1. Download the Hable app from the play store. You can use this link to open the app on your iPhone or iPad. Link:

2. To search for the Hable app on the app store. Go to app store > Search, and then search for Hable. The Hable app might be third or forth from the top.

3. Click on the Download button or Get button to install the app. Open the app. You will get the following alerts as soon as you open your app:

Alert 1: “Hable” Would like to use bluetooth. Be sure to press “OK” .

Alert 2: “Hable” would like to send your notifications. It is not mandatory to allow this.

Alert 3: “Hable” would like to use bluetooth for new connections. Be sure to press “OK”.

4. Make sure your Hable One is already connected to your iPhone or iPad via bluetooth.

5. To install the update, open the Hable app and scroll down to the latest version (January 2023)> then click on the ‘Install now’ button. Attention: Please do not switch off the Hable One or Hable app during the updating process.

6. The process takes 60 seconds. When the Hable vibrates, the updating process is complete. To note: the app itself will not display a message if the update was successful. If you don’t encounter an error, then there’s nothing to worry about, you have the latest update installed to your Hable One!