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Hable One Wins Braille Pluim 2024 and is Covered on National Television


On World Braille Day, Hable One received the “Braille Pluim 2024” as an accolade recognizing significant contributions to the visually impaired community. This award, announced by Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen, celebrates Hable's innovative creation, the Hable One, a device that transforms the way visually impaired individuals interact with smartphones through braille.

The recognition extended beyond the award, as National media picked up the news and extensively covered it. Amongst others, this includes NPO 1 radio,  the NOS news at 6 and 8PM and RTL 4 news. One of the highlights in the media attention was how fondly different customers spoke about the product and how it has transformed their lives.

About Braille pluim 2024

Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen awards the Braille Pluim to draw attention to the importance of braille for people with visual impairments. The award is given annually on World Braille Day, January 4th, Louis Braille's birthday.

The Braille Pluim initiative, originating from the Braille Education & Promotion members' workgroup of Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen, recognizes the enduring relevance of braille, which dates back to 1829. A braille-reading member of the association remarked, "Without braille, I would feel illiterate.”

Motivation by Onbeperkt Lezen: “Hable deserves the Braille Pluim particularly because this start-up has utilized braille to make new technologies, specifically smartphones, more accessible.

Young people are also enthusiastic about it. Moreover, Hable is seriously committed to involving users in testing to further improve their product.”

Media Coverage Highlights

Hable was covered in National news on several occasions:

About the Hable One

We empower people with a visual impairment to connect with the digital world from anywhere. With the Hable One, you can finally be more independent, and truly use everything your smartphone has to offer. Participate in the family group chat, write and read emails, take control of your finances, take notes in class or meetings, and even participate on your favourite social media app.

Please note: the Hable One only works with a connection to a smartphone or tablet.

A Small Portable Braille Keyboard. You can carry the Hable anywhere, just like a phone; You can type with the Hable while in public with your phone safely secured in your bag. You do not need a table or surface to use the Hable One. You can even write emails while standing, or while sitting in a car seat.

The best thing? You don't even need to take your phone out of your pocket. Simply control the phone with your Hable One Braille Keyboard.

Do you know someone with a visual impairment, and not sure if it is for them? Book an appointment with one of our experts on

Want to know more about Hable, visit our webpage on

Hable One for Organizations

Hable Reached the United Nations To Advocate For Visually Impaired Community!

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