Picture of the Hable One and an iPhone in front of an orange background

Always in control

We believe independence starts by empowering people.  We do this by providing full smartphone control for people who are blind.

Woman using Hable One with purple background

The Hable One

Let's face it, typing on your smartphone can be quite a challenge. It is slow, leads to many mistakes, and is not at all private. Let us show you an alternative. The Hable One: a keyboard for your smartphone that is smaller than your phone and provides you with full control in every situation. 

What do users say?

Thea den Dulk-Hoffman

The ease of using your smartphone while on the go is strongly improved with the Hable One

Rachel Valkenburg

I'm so happy that Hable One exists; sending messages has become easier, quicker and more precise!

Tonny van Breukelen

It’s an amazing device! Light, compact, and really easy to use.

Wiel Vos

You're so much more independent, I'm even able to do my banking again!

Ronnie Smilde

People like me with limited sight, can now finally use applications that require text input.

Helma Verhof

Typing has become so much easier with the Hable One! I can now finally write texts as long as I want!

Hable's features

Type with effortless precision

Tired of using voice-to-text or the virtual qwerty keyboard? So are we. The Hable One is a wireless smartphone keyboard that utilises braille input to provide the very best typing experience. Type with confidence on a keyboard built for efficiency, precision and mobility. 

Woman using the Hable One while sitting on the sofa

Tiny in usage, big in performance

The Hable One is smaller than your smartphone and fits easily in your pocket! Thanks to this, you’re finally able to use your smartphone everywhere. Walking your dog? Visiting a friend? You are always in control. Put your smartphone in your bag or pocket, plug in your earphones, and Hable away. 

VoiceOver gestures & shortcuts

No more double- or triple-tap. No more Z-movements. And no more swiping on the screen. We like to keep things easy and intuitive. Simply access all VoiceOver or TalkBack functions with your Hable One keyboard. Thanks to our start-guide you will navigate your phone like a champion.

Working with Apple or Android

The Hable One supports cross platform connections. It’s easy to connect to your iPhone, iPad or any Android smartphone or tablet. Connecting takes just a couple of seconds, after which you can get started straight away with sending texts on your phone or tablet. 

Reliable Bluetooth connection

The Hable One uses advanced Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology for a reliable, energy-efficient connection that won’t drop between the phone and keyboard. Simply connect once and you're good to go. With two-week battery life, you are truly always in control. 

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