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The Assistant to your Smartphone

Simple and Small

Why would you use the Hable One?

Using your smartphone with a visual impairment can sometimes be frustrating and difficult. At Hable, we like to make this easier for you. The Hable One is the most convenient physical keyboard for the entire smartphone operation.

The Hable One

Hable One is designed to assist your smartphone or tablet with a simple and intuitive interface. Contact your loved ones using your Hable One as a wireless keyboard or use it as a remote to control every function in your smartphone.

Why you use the Hable One

  • The easy way to control your smartphone.

    Just connect via Bluetooth and start using it. From the first try, you will be able to use the main functions in just a few minutes.

  • Connect with your loved ones.

    Accepting calls or searching inside your contact list has never been easier. Contact your loved ones at any time.

  • Navigation and typing easier than before.

    Thanks to the physical buttons and exclusive vibrations, you will be able to control it even having your smartphone inside of your pocket.

Still not sure? Ask the Hable community if this is the right solution for you. Drop your email to get an invite.

Modern technology accessible to everyone

A smartphone is essential to get ahead in life. We make modern technology such as the mobile phone accessible to as many people as possible.

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