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About us

Our inspiration

Hable was born from the personal drive of co-founder Ayushman, inspired by his grandfather, Mr. Handa, who lost his sight at 40. In India, Mr. Handa's sight loss meant early retirement and a standstill in life, due to a lack of assistive technology.

Motivated to change his grandfather's situation, Ayushman, alongside Freek, who shared similar experiences, established Hable in 2016. They aimed to unlock smartphone accessibility for Mr. Handa, symbolizing independence and the potential for a fuller life.

The issue that struck Ayushman’s family is not isolated; it echoes in the lives of over 320 million people worldwide and 450,000 visually impaired in the Netherlands. Hable's inception is not just a personal story but a universal challenge, unmet due to its complexity and scale.

The challenge

Limited digital access restricts educational and job opportunities for those with disabilities, as online learning, remote work, and digital job applications become unreachable. This digital divide creates barriers that reduce their digital participation.

Economic disadvantages

Limited digital skills and access contribute to a 70% unemployment rate among US adults with visual impairments (National Federation of the Blind, 2020).

Limited education

More than 80% of students lacking digital devices and internet struggle to access online education and learning tools.

Social exclusion

The digital divide isolates individuals and communities by hindering social, informational, and civic engagement, cutting off access to social media, email, and video communication.

Our strategy

Tackling the digital divide demands varied solutions and collective action. When we help individuals master apps and smart device features, we see the digital gap visibly narrow.
This issue has a dual solution: ensuring access and encouraging adoption.

Access & Affordability

Access to digital devices remains a hurdle; many clients lack the necessary tools for internet access. Essential assistive technologies like screen readers and alternative input devices are pivotal. However, even where available, their high cost often makes them inaccessible.


Adoption hinges on digital literacy: comprehending usage, having support systems, and receiving ongoing, needs-specific training. Without this, clients struggle to navigate digital platforms and utilize assistive technologies efficiently.

Our impact

To conquer this challenge, we created Hable One—a smartphone controller that empowers users to operate their phones effectively. We've enabled 3,000 users to connect to the internet, communicate with family, and conduct bank transactions—activities they were previously unable to perform before Hable.


30% of our clients had never utilized email before Hable One.


60% of our users, previously unable to access online information.


10% of our users are now able to independently call family, government services or doctor.


35% of our users have gained the ability to type passwords into banking apps.

Our founders

Hable thrives on bold and optimistic values, fueled by a team of ambitious, positive, and brilliant individuals.
Ayushman Talwar & Freek van Welsenis

Our history

Tracing Our Journey: A Chronological Display of Milestones and Achievements.
Ayushman & Freek presents the idea at University competition in the Netherlands.
Winning ASML makers award.
First Pilot & Crowdfunding at Ziezo Exhibition in the Netherlands.
Win Philips Health innovation award.
Hable One BV registered. Pre-sale campaign in the Netherlands.
Rabobank Foundation backs Hable securing their first funding.
Product development for mass production starts.
Production completed. Hable delivered to first 100 users.
First users in the United Kingdom.
Helped 250 Digital Navigators use smartphone.
Stevie Wonder backs Hable and becomes a customer.
First 500 Digital Navigators.
Hable is expanding to the United States.
Expanding distribution in more continues : Germany, Belgium, France, Spain.
2000 Digital Navigators now use Hable.
Completed 6th Braille Challenge – Netherlands & Belgium.
Launched Hable Academy to accelerate rate of smartphone adoption.
Partner with KBTA in Kenya to make inclusive education as a priority.

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