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Purchasing Hable One Bluetooth Braille keyboard in the UK


If you're in the UK and looking to purchase the Hable One, a unique keyboard designed for people with visual impairments who wish to use a smartphone, there are a few options available to you. Here's what you need to know:


If you’ve landed on this article, then I’m sure you know what the Hable One is. If not, read all about it here. But do you know what users in the UK are saying?

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Regional distributors:

RNIB: The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is an organistion that supports people with sight loss. They offer the Hable One on their online shop here

Sight & Sound: This company offers a range of products and services to support people with visual impairments, and they also offer the Hable One. They have distribution centres in England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

Comproom : It is an online store that offers a wide range of computer and technology products. One of their featured products is the Hable One.

Comproom's website provides detailed information about the product and its features, as well as customer reviews and a secure checkout process.

Training and support

For every new customer, we offer a free 30 minute onboarding session with someone directly from Hable, so you are guaranteed to have all the base knowledge you need to master your smartphone. Even if you purchased via a distributor, this offer still stands.

To arrange this session, reach out to In case you need more than 30 minutes, this can also be arranged. Make sure to mention this in your email.

Another fantastic source of support is our community group! Here, many users like you post their queries and concerns, which are then addressed by other users of the Hable One.

It’s a welcoming place, and if you would like to be a part of it (to even ask questions before you make your purchase) send us an email at

Repair and warranty

Repair and warranty terms for the Hable One are unique to each distributor. You can find more information on their websites or just reach out to and we will give you the necessary information.

Shipped with the latest update?

If you order the Hable One directly from the manufacturer, it will always come with the latest update. If you order from a distributor, the latest update is not confirmed but can be easily installed. You can reach out to Hable One's support team at for assistance with installing updates.

Govt funding and health insurance:

There are many ways to get a Hable One for free or at a reduced cost. For example, the Access to Work fund is available for you to use in case you would like to use the Hable One for work.

These funds have multiple requirements so it is best to reach out to with your details and what you would like to use the Hable One for. We can then redirect you to the right funds and people to help you with accessing it.

Overall, purchasing a Hable One keyboard in the UK is relatively straightforward, with multiple distributors available and the option to purchase directly from the manufacturer's website.

Whether you choose to buy from a distributor or directly from Hable One, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product that will make using technology more accessible and enjoyable

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