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Hable One

Discover the power of seamless typing and control with Hable One, the braille keyboard where simplicity meets efficiency. From frustration to joy, using your smartphone has never been easier.

30 days money back guarantee
Delivered within 

What is in the box?

With your purchase you don't just buy a device. We will make sure that you have everything you need to use your smarpthone or tablet with Hable One. Here is a list of things included with your purchase.
Hable One Device
Free Training course - 30 minutes
Hable App
Hable Manual
Braille manual on request

Technical specification

Hable was built with care. We consulted the community for what they would like the Hable to have. These are the specifications Hable One has.
1 Month battery life
Bluetooth BLE for low energy
Compatible with iPhones & iPads running iOS 9 and higher
Compatible with Android phones and tablets running Android 9 and higher
Languages supported: UEB, Spanish, French, German, Dutch
Weight 90 g
Device dimensions are 100mm (length) x 46mm (wide) x 8mm (height)


We put together answers to questions you might like to ask.
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Support ist in Deutschland verfügbar. Wir bieten 2 Jahre Garantie in Situationen, in denen Schäden am Gerät nicht durch Unfall, Wasser oder auf andere Weise verursacht wurden. Die Garantie wird nur bei defekten Komponenten übernommen. Eine Reparatur des Geräts ist möglich. Bitte wenden Sie sich an Ihren Händler vor Ort oder an Hable unter

Alabama MVLVS  

California NorthState

Connecticut lowvision

Delaware Ability2Access

District of Columbia   Ability2Access

Florida Florida Reading

Georgia Ability2Access; MVLVS  

Idaho Boundless Assistive Technology

Kentucky[D] MVLVS

Maine NE lowvision

Maryland Ability2Access

Massachusetts[D] NE lowvision

Minnesota The Low Vision Store

New Hampshire NE lowvision

North Dakota The Low Vision Store

Oregon Boundless Assistive Technology

Rhode Island NE lowvision

South Carolina Ability2Access

South Dakota The Low Vision Store

Tennessee Ability2Access; MVLVS

Texas Christal Vision

Vermont NE lowvision

Virginia[D] Ability2Access

Washington Boundless Assistive Technology

West Virginia Ability2Access

Wisconsin The Low Vision Store