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Braille keyboard for the visually impaired

Hable One makes navigating and typing on the phone easier for you or your loved ones with a visual impairment. By using a combination of tactile buttons you access any application, make easy phone calls and even securely type passwords.
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So what is Hable One?

Hable is an external keyboard designed to make using a smartphone simpler and more convenient for those with visual impairments, allowing for easy operation and accessibility.
Trusted by more than 5,000 happy users around the globe.

Simplifying smartphone use

Our training guides help you get started on your own. They are available in formats like pdf, word, html and audio.

Simple and easy design

Unlike other keyboards we keep it simple. You can write e-mails and massages faster from everywhere!

And this is also important to us

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How does it work?

Working with the Hable One is easy. In three simple steps, we will teach you to use your Hable One.
Step 1

Connect your Hable One with your phone or tablet

Turn on the Hable One and the bluetooth on your smartphone. Select the Hable One option in the bluetooth list. The Hable One vibrates to complete the connection.
Step 2

Go through the Hable's guide

Our easy-to-follow getting started guide helps you get started quickly with your Hable and phone, usually in less than two hours.
Step 3

Start using your phone everywhere

That's it! You're now ready to use your Hable anywhere with your phone. Easily type messages, scroll on social media or go to your banking app.

Is Hable One a good option for you?

Take the quiz and find out if Hable One could help you navigate in the digital world.

No Braille knowledge needed

No Braille skills? No problem! Our guide makes learning quick and simple – just bring your motivation!

Fits in your pocket

Smaller than a phone, it is ultra-portable with over 50 hours of battery life, ensuring it's always ready for use.

No surface needed to use it

Designed for handheld use, the Hable One is perfect for on-the-go use, from Uber rides to dog walks, ensuring constant control.


With thousands of daily active users, you don't have to take our word for it.
"I very much enjoy using my Hable One bluetooth keyboard. It makes using my iPhone so much easier.I can do things like compose emails, compose text messages, search for bookson apps like bard mobile and audible and so much more. I wouldn't be without it."

Joshua Hendrickson

United States

"I am a new braille user but was still able to learn the keystrokes and found that I could type much faster using the Hable than swiping on my iPhone."

Diane Ducharme

"For the first time ever, Ican access my bank account on my phone, without my partner helping me. I don't think people can understand how this makes me feel, it's true autonomy."

Wiel Vos

the Netherlands

"...never leaving my pocket as I use it every day to write and work with my iPhone. Its intuitive design means you can master it in no time, and it gives a sense of security when using your phone in public spaces—it allows me to use my iPhone without having to expose it, be it on the street or in transportation."

Sof B


"I absolutely love my Hable One. It has helped me with my grade one braille entry skills. But more importantly made it easier to navigate and use my phone.skills. But more importantly made it easier to navigate and use my phone. I would highly recommend an Hable one for its ease of use, long battery life andI would highly recommend an Hable one for its ease of use, long battery life and amazing community.”

Tim Dixon


"It makes navigating my iphone screen easier.  Navigating difficult websites and doing email is a breeze."

Rebecca Ilniski


We put together answers to questions you might like to ask.

The Hable One is compatible with the following devices:  iPhones version 11 and above, Android smartphones version 11 and above, iPad, Blindshell classic 2, Amazon Fire. If you would like the Hable to work with laptops and computers, please reach out to us.

Hable One has haptic feedback to indicate battery levels. Battery level shortcut command indicates if the battery is low, sufficient or high by vibrating once, twice or thrice.

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In the world that was not designed for all, Hable brings a bit of hope. We believe in a higher calling beyond business, a mission to dismantle barriers and knit a fabric of inclusivity where every touch and every interaction, brings us closer.

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