How does it work?

  • Hable One is connected to the phone via Bluetooth

    Step 1: Connect your Hable One

    Turn on the Hable One and the bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet. Select the Hable One option in the bluetooth list. The Hable One vibrates to complete the connection.

  • User on YouTube listening the video tutorials

    Step 2: Go through the Hable's guide

    Access the starting guide over email, our support website or Hable’s YouTube channel.

  • A user in public types on their phone using the Hable One, while keeping the phone securely stowed in their backpack

    Step 3: Use your phone everywhere

    You're now set to use your Hable anywhere with your phone or tablet. Easily type messages, browse social media, or access your banking app with more privacy and accuracy.

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Is the Hable One for me?

  • Hand reading Braille with a cross

    No Braille knowledge needed

    No Braille skills? No problem! Our guide makes learning quick and simple – just bring your motivation!

  • Device in the pocket

    Fits in your pocket

    Smaller than a phone, it is ultra-portable with over 50 hours of battery life, ensuring it's always ready for use.

  • Table with a cross

    No surface needed to use it

    Designed for handheld use, the Hable One is perfect for on-the-go use, from Uber rides to dog walks, ensuring constant control.

Blind person using the Hable One in public

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What Users Really Think

  • Review 5 Stars on Google

    Comfortable during long hours of use.

    "I am a frequent user of AI and use the Hable one for at least five to six hours a day.
    After a few years I am still very satisfied with this product and will recommend it to everyone." - Read the full review here!

  • Review 5 Stars on Amazon

    Customer service is outstanding!

    "Customer service is outstanding; I literally just enjoyed a half hour call with the inventor of the product, who I believe is also the CEO of the company, free of charge via Zoom, to help acquaint me with the device. They answer emails and WhatsApp messages directly. It works as advertised. It also is priced incredibly advantageously for an article of assistive technology. It is compact, durable, and light." - Read the full review here!

  • Review 5 Stars on Google

    Indispensable tool in my daily life!

    "The Hable One has become an indispensable tool in my daily life, never leaving my pocket as I use it every day to write and work with my iPhone. Its intuitive design means you can master it in no time, and it gives a sense of security when using your phone in public spaces—it allows me to use my iPhone without having to expose it, be it on the street or in transportation." - Read the full review here!


Can I have free shipping?

Yes, this can be available if we have a special campaign where we provide free shipping. Check the current campaigns on the website.

How much does a Hable One cost?

You can find the current price in each country available on this page.

Can I return my Hable product?

We have a 30 return period where you can return your product and get a full refund if there are no damages to the product. For more details read out return policy or reach out on

Can I get a discount on my first purchase?

On certain occasions, we offer discounts during campaigns. Please check the current campaigns on the website.

Do I have more privacy using the Hable One?

You certainly do. There is no more need for speech-to-text and you can use your phone completely privately wherever you are.

Pro tip: turn on your screen curtain and you can work in complete privacy.

Is support provided for the Hable One or Hable Easy?

Yes, support is provided for both the Hable One and Hable Easy.

If you need assistance, you can access detailed manuals and video tutorials available on our website.

Additionally, our customer service team is ready to help with setup, troubleshooting, and any other issues you may encounter.

How easy is it to learn to use the Hable One? Is there a learning curve?

Most users report a minor learning curve, and they start enjoying the Hable very quickly.

However, the Hable One is unique in that it allows you to type while standing up. This keyboard layout can take some time to get used to for some users.

Like anything though, your speed and comfort with the device will increase with use.

Which devices are compatible with the Hable One?

The Hable One is compatible with the following devices:  

  • iPhones with iOS version 11 and above,
  • Android smartphones version 11 and above,
  • iPad, Blindshell Classic 2
  • For laptops and computers, only typing is supported.

We do not support screenreaders like Jawz or NVDA.

What are people saying about Hable's products?

People are saying great things about Hable's products! They love the accessibility and independence that the devices like Hable One provide.

You can find real reviews and testimonials on Google, Amazon, and our website, where we also feature videos from the community showcasing their experiences.