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How to Control the iPhone Without Touching It?


Over the last decade we have been switching from mainly using the computer to mainly using the phone and tablet. For good reasons! It’s smaller, we are more mobile and it is as powerful.

But with this, there also come some negative sides: typing longer messages with the onscreen keyboard is painfully slow, learning to use all the smartphone gestures takes a long time and dictation.

Well… Who would want to dictate their password in a busy train station? But what if we could have the best of both worlds? Imagine being able to control our phones easily and quickly without even touching them. You're about to see exactly that!

How do you control your iPhone without touching it?

Have you ever thought about using your iPhone without actually touching it? It sounds a little weird, but it's real, and it's super helpful, especially for people who are visually impaired. Let's find out why this is such a cool thing!

  • Keeping Your Phone Safe: You can keep your iPhone in your backpack or pocket and still use it! This means you don't have to worry about dropping it or someone taking it when you're out and about.
  • Easy to Use: Touchscreens can be tricky if you can't see them. Gestures take a while to learn and require a lot of energy. But by using an external keyboard, you don't have to deal with all those tough swipes and taps. It's like having a magic wand to control your phone!
  • Super Fast Typing: Typing on a screen can be slow, and it's easy to make mistakes. But if you use a bluetooth keyboard, you can type really fast and get your messages right the first time!
  • Quick Shortcuts: Imagine having secret codes that make your phone do things super fast, like sending a message or opening your favorite game. That's what shortcuts do, and they make using your iPhone a breeze.

So, controlling your iPhone without touching it is not just cool; it's super useful, especially for people who are blind. It keeps the phone safe, makes it easy to use, helps you type like a pro, and lets you do things super quickly!

Bluetooth keyboards for smartphones

Bluetooth keyboards are like cool add-ons for your smartphone. They make typing way faster and easier than poking at the screen. They're super helpful for anyone who finds it hard to use the phone's keyboard, letting you type your texts and emails just like you're on a computer.

But there's a small catch. These keyboards are usually pretty big, not like your tiny phone. Carrying them around can be like bringing an extra book in your backpack.

Also, they have lots of keys, which can be overwhelming and tricky to learn and use, especially if you're used to just a few buttons on your phone.

If you're always running around or if you don't have much space, having this big and complex keyboard might be a bit challenging. Even though they're a bit bulky and have many keys, lots of people think they're really useful for how much easier they make typing!

Portable bluetooth keyboard

Today's market offers a range of Bluetooth keyboard options that have been thoughtfully designed with the blind community in mind, and one of the options is the portable bluetooth keyboard.

Have you ever seen those portable Bluetooth keyboards that you can connect to your smartphone? They're meant to be easier to carry around than regular keyboards. But here's the thing: even the portable ones can be pretty big. It's like trying to fit a small book into your backpack.

And when they make these keyboards smaller, they end up having so many tiny buttons! Imagine trying to press those little keys without hitting two at once. It can be super hard, especially if you're used to the bigger buttons on your phone or a normal-sized keyboard.

But guess what? There's this cool portable braille keyboard called Hable One. It's a different kind of portable keyboard that's not big and doesn't have lots of tiny buttons. It's made to be easy to use and carry around, perfect for typing on the go.

And if you want to know more about the Hable One, Shaun of the Shed has talked all about it in his video. He's given his review and shared all the neat details. You can check out the video below to learn more about the Hable One and see if it's something you'd like!

What is the Hable One?

The Hable One is a unique and innovative device designed specifically for people with visual impairments, making it easier for them to interact with smartphones using Braille. It's more than just a regular keyboard; it's a tool that transforms the way visually impaired individuals use their smartphones.

  • Size and Portability: One of the standout features of the Hable One is its size. It's incredibly small and portable, designed to be as convenient as a phone. You can easily carry it around in your pocket, just like you would with a smartphone. This makes it a perfect companion for on-the-go use, whether you're out and about or just moving around the house.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Hable One is ergonomically designed, which means it's made to fit comfortably in your hands. This design helps reduce strain and makes it easier to use, especially for extended periods. Its lightweight nature (weighing about the same as an egg or 90 grams) adds to its comfort and ease of use.
  • Simple Yet Effective: Despite its small size, the Hable One is a powerful device. It's equipped with 8 tactile buttons, each designed to be easy to use and learn. This simplicity is a key part of its design, making it accessible and user-friendly.
  • Connecting to Devices: The Hable One connects to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth, and it's compatible with a range of devices including iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads, and more. This universal compatibility ensures you can use it with most of the popular smart devices available today.
  • Made for Everyone: The Hable One was developed with a clear goal: to make new technologies, like smartphones, more accessible to the visually impaired community. It's been recognized for its contribution to this field, winning awards and gaining media attention for its innovative approach.

For more detailed information and reviews, you can visit the Hable website.

How can 8 buttons replace the keys on a bluetooth keyboard?

You might be wondering how just 8 buttons on the Hable One can do all the things a regular keyboard with lots of keys can do. Well, it's actually pretty neat!

  • Using Combinations and Braille: The secret is in using combinations of these buttons and braille. Just like how you use different combinations of letters to make words, the Hable One uses combinations of these 8 buttons to type letters, numbers, and even do special commands on your phone.
  • Intuitive Design: It's also designed to be really intuitive, which means it feels natural to use. You don't have to learn a bunch of complicated stuff. The way you press the buttons can help you do all sorts of things on your phone, like typing messages, opening apps, and even scrolling through web pages.

So, even though it's just 8 buttons, the Hable One is super smart and can help you use your entire phone in a cool and easy way!

How do you use it?

Using the Hable One is pretty easy and fun! First, you connect it to your phone or tablet with Bluetooth, just like how you'd connect wireless headphones. Once it's connected, you're ready to go!

The Hable One has 8 buttons, and you use different combinations of these buttons to do things on your phone. It's like playing a game where each combination does something different, like typing a letter or opening an app.

Plus, there are helpful tutorials and guides available to help you learn how to use it quickly. So, you'll be a pro at using your phone with the Hable One in no time!

Must I know braille to use the Hable One?

This is a really common question that many people have when see the Hable One. However, gladly you don't need to know braille to use the Hable One! Many people who use the Hable One don't know braille.

But if you do know braille, that's a big plus because it can make using the Hable One even easier. And if you're interested in learning braille, the Hable One is a great way to get started.

Carrie on Accessibility for example, shared on her social medias a video where she highlights how she's learning braille with the help of the Hable One. It's really cool to see how it can help you learn while you use it!

Take a look at Carrie's experience on her YouTube channel.

Are the commands the same among Android and iOs devices?

This raises a fair doubt, as we are dealing with two completely different systems and their distinct ways of functioning. However, gladly the commands on the Hable One are almost the same whether you're using an Android or an iOS device.

The basic functions like typing and navigating are pretty much identical on both types of devices. However, there might be some small differences due to certain features that are unique to either Android or iOS.

So, if there's a function that only exists on one operating system, then naturally, that command would be different or not available on the other. But for the most part, you'll find the Hable One works similarly on both Android and iOS devices.

Where can you get it?

There are a few places where you can order the Hable One:

  • The Hable One is available on the Hable's website. 
  • For customer in the US, the Hable One is available on Amazon as well.
  • The Hable One is also available through local retailers, you can find the list for each region on our website.
  • Soon Hable One will be available also on Amazon in other countries. Stay tuned!

Have any questions for us? Reach out on support@iamhable.com 

Now you know how to use your iPhone without touching it! This offers more privacy and safety in public spaces, in addition to enabling faster typing and navigation wherever you are. If you find this article interesting, feel free to share it with your friends!

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