Blind students in Nigeria using the Hable One

The Power of Donating a Hable One: Changing Lives of the Visually Impaired


When it comes to donating to a charitable cause, it is not only a selfless act but also an opportunity to make a significant impact on someone else's life.

One such cause that has been gaining popularity is donating a Hable One, a controller for the smartphone designed to help visually impaired people access education and job opportunities through their smartphone and tablets.

The impact of donating a Hable One can be seen in the University of Nigeria, where several visually impaired students have received the device for free, via corporate sponsorships. The Hable One has proven to be a game-changer for these students, allowing them to type with ease.

Blind students in Nigeria sing the Hable one in class

The device has helped them keep pace with their peers and has given them the independence they need to achieve their goals.Take a look at what they had to say:  

At Hable we also do as much as possible to donate devices. We do this in a fun way by organizing challenges where one person can win the Hable One for free! Being able to afford assistive technology was a game changer for these individuals who have won the device.

These challenges not only help individuals who need the device but also raise awareness about the importance of assistive technology for the visually impaired. Here are some participant testimonials from these challenges:

Corporate sponsorships are also an avenue that Hable is reaching more people in need. If you work in a large corporation with a CSR (corporate social responsibility) department, Hable would love to work with you to ensure that the work we are doing reaches those who need it the most.

What we do differently is that we work directly with local NGOs after they have been vetted for credibility. These close personal relationships allow us to ensure that the devices are genuinely reaching the right people in need, giving them access to education and jobs that were previously out of reach.

Why is donating Hable One a game changer? 

For those who are visually impaired, the Hable One offers a sense of independence and empowerment that may have been out of reach before. With its tactile buttons and customizable controls, this device opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the visually impaired, allowing them to interact with technology in ways that were once impossible.

It's an incredible feeling to think about the newfound freedom and joy that the Hable One can bring to those who need it most.

By partnering with Hable, corporations can not only make a significant impact on the lives of the visually impaired but also fulfil their social responsibility. Please reach out to if you’re interested in this possibility!

Individual donations are also possible, and anyone can donate a Hable One to help those in need. Send us an email and we can work it out!

Donating a Hable One not only provides the visually impaired with a tool to access education and job opportunities, but it also gives them the independence they need to achieve their goals.

By donating a Hable One, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those who need it the most, and help them live a life without limitations, in turn benefiting the economy as a whole.

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