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What is Hable Easy? | Everything you need to know


Welcome to our guide on Hable Easy, a special kind of remote control for your phone, designed to make life easier for people who find it difficult to use the smartphone screen. This could be due to dexterity, neuropathy or elderly who struggle using screen reader gestures.

Do you recognize people that have difficulty using gestures on the screen or struggle using the touchscreen? That's where Hable Easy comes in! It has 8 buttons you can press instead of swiping and tapping on the screen, making it super simple to call friends, send messages, or listen to music.

The cool thing about Hable Easy is that it was created with the help of experts who know a lot about helping people feel more comfortable with technology. These experts, ergotherapists and trainers from rehabilitation clinics, made sure Hable Easy is perfect for getting you started with using a phone in a new way.

This isn't about mastering every single phone feature overnight but getting comfortable with the basics first.

In this blog, we'll dive into what Hable Easy is, how it works, who it's for, and answer some common questions you might have. Whether you're learning about Hable Easy for yourself or someone else, we've got everything you need to know right here. Let's get started!

What is Hable Easy?

Hable Easy is a unique device that acts like a remote control for your smartphone or tablet, designed especially for those who find traditional phone gestures challenging.

This innovative tool features 8 physical buttons, each assigned to perform specific tasks such as navigating menus, selecting apps, activating voice commands, and even typing messages.

By simplifying smartphone use to button presses, Hable Easy enables users to access essential phone functions—calling, texting, checking the weather, and reading books—without the complexity of touchscreens.

It transforms the advanced capabilities of smartphones into a straightforward, user-friendly interface. In the next chapter we will go more into detail of how the Hable Easy works.

Hable One features tactile stickers that indicate the functionality of each of its 8 buttons: 1 Previous item, 2 Next item, 3 Magic type (play/pause), 4 Select an item, 5 Dictation, 6 Home, 7 Siri, and 8 Read from top

How does the Hable Easy work?

Using Hable Easy is like having a key to unlock the power of your smartphone with simplicity. Here's how it works:

  1. Connectivity: The first step is to pair Hable Easy with your phone using Bluetooth. This wireless connection allows Hable Easy to communicate with your phone, turning complex gestures into simple button presses. 
  1. Operation: With the mapping set, you're ready to start using your phone with 8 straightforward buttons. Hable Easy supports different configurations, like two hand mode or single hand mode. Switching between modes is easy, ensuring you can use your phone in the way that's most comfortable for you. 
  1. Practice: Once you are all set up, you can start practicing the use of different applications like the calling app, checking the weather or listening to audio books. There are several guides available to support you with this. 

Whether it's calling a friend, checking the weather, or reading an eBook, Hable Easy simplifies smartphone use, making technology accessible to everyone.

Who is the Hable Easy for

Hable Easy is designed for anyone who finds it challenging to use the touch screen on their phone or tablet. Please  note that there is a hugely diverse range of people that use the Hable Easy and it’s impossible for us to sum all of these groups, so we highlight just a few.

Here are the main groups of people who will find Hable Easy especially useful:

  • Those who struggle with touch screens: Some people find the swiping and double-tapping gestures on smartphones difficult. This is often because physical buttons are easier for them than touch gestures. This group might include older individuals or those who are not as familiar with smartphones. Often this group consists of people who lost their vision at a later stage in their life.
  • Individuals with motor impairments: For those who cannot perform swipe gestures due to a motor impairment, Hable Easy offers a great alternative. It allows them to control their phone using simple button presses instead of relying on touch screen gestures.
  • Users of switch control: Hable Easy also supports switch control, making it easier for individuals who use this accessibility feature to operate their devices. It can be customized to work with physical buttons for switch control, ensuring a smoother user experience.
  • Professionals: The Hable Easy is perfect for those who are teaching seniors to work with a smartphone or tablet. By simplifying the input, the training time goes much faster. We recommend this specifically for people who lose vision at a later stage in life and still want to use their phone. 

If you're not sure whether Hable Easy is right for you, don't worry! We're here to help. You can always reach out to us at support@iamhable.com to talk with an expert who can guide you through your options.

Whether you find touch screens tricky, have a motor impairment, or use switch control, Hable Easy is designed to make smartphone use simpler and more accessible for everyone.

What is the difference between Hable One and Hable Easy

There are few differences between both devices:

  1. How you use it: With the Hable One you use a combination of buttons to access functions. Because of this you have access to over 250 functions to control VoiceOver or TalkBack. The downside of this is that it makes the Hable One slightly more challenging to use than the Hable Easy and for some this is a step too far. With Hable Easy each button only has a single function assigned to it. Making it super easy to work with, but you lose some efficiency and functionality. 
  2. Hardware: The outside of the product itself is identical, the only difference is that with Hable Easy you can use high contrast tactile stickers to identify the different buttons.
  3. Goal: Using the Hable Easy is often to get someone from not being able to use the phones, to using all basic functionality on the phone. Think of making phone calls, checking the weather, reading messages or listening to audio books. On the other hand, Hable One is for those who want to get everything out of their phone in the most efficient way. 

So, if you like things simple and straightforward, Hable Easy is the way to go. If you're up for learning some button combos for more features, then Hable One might be your choice. Both help you use your smartphone or tablet, but in their own unique ways!

How do I get the Hable Easy

The Hable Easy is new and we currently have a waitlist for professionals and trainers that want to get a demo. If you are interested in the Hable Easy, you can sign up for the waitlist via this simple Google form

If you have questions about this, reach us on support@iamhable.com

Manuals and Support

To receive the up to date Hable Easy manuals, please provide your email address and specify your language below and we will ship you the latest manuals. Do you have any additional questions? Reach out to us at support@iamhable.com

Product Specifications

With your purchase you don't just buy a device. We will make sure that you have everything you need to use your smartphone or tablet with Hable Easy. Here is a list of things included with your purchase:

  • Your Hable Easy
  • Hable iPhone app
  • User manual
  • Set of writing guides for specific applications
  • Braille manual on request
  • High contrast relief stickers on request

Hable was built with care. We consulted the community for what they would like the Hable to have. These are the specifications Hable Easy has.

  • 1 month battery life
  • Bluetooth BLE for low energy
  • Hable Easy is compatible with iPhone, iPads running iOS 9 and higher
  • Hable Easy is compatible with android phone and tablets running Android 9 and higher
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Device dimensions are 100mm(length) x 46mm(wide) x 8mm(height)


Are stickers included with the Hable Easy?

Yes stickers are included with the Hable Easy. These stickers are in high contrast and tactile. 

How do I train someone to use the Hable Easy?

We recommend training a client with using the Hable Easy by working with a specific application. We have specific guides available for this. You can request them directly via our support team. 

Will the Hable Easy support Braille typing for messages?

No, the Hable Easy does not support typing in Braille. For typing on the Hable Easy you need to use dictation or the phone assistant. 

Can I test the Hable Easy before buying it?

This depends on your location. We work together with several organizations worldwide that provide opportunities to test the Hable Easy before buying it. Reach out to us on support@iamhable.com so we can link you to the location near you. 

Where do I find a trainer that can help me?

Hable has a vast network of OTC trainers and ergotherapists that can assist you with using the Hable Easy. Reach out to us directly at support@iamhable.com where we can help find a trainer close to you.

How can our low vision clinic work with Hable?

We work together with many low vision clinics all around the world. Hable has a dedicated trainer program to help your low vision clinic get set up to use the Hable Easy. Reach out to us on support@iamhable.com for more details! 

Is it hard to learn the Hable Easy?

No, we can safely say learning to use the Hable Easy is, well… easy. We highly recommend you work together with a trainer, relative or friend to get started however. This is because setting up the Hable Easy the first time takes some time and can be more difficult. 

Can I program the buttons?

We have several different mappings for the buttons which you can use. If you are looking for a customized combination of the buttons, this is possible working directly with a Hable Happiness engineer. Reach out support@iamhable.com for the details!

And there you have it, a complete guide to the Hable Easy - your new go-to tool for making smartphone use simple and accessible. We've explored what Hable Easy is, how it works to transform your phone into an easy-to-use device with just 8 buttons, and who benefits the most from its features.

Whether you find touchscreens tricky, have a motor impairment, or need an easier way to use your phone, Hable Easy is designed to make digital navigation a breeze.

Remember, Hable Easy is all about inclusivity, offering high-contrast stickers for better button visibility and a straightforward setup process. For those weighing their options between Hable One and Hable Easy, it boils down to the level of simplicity you're looking for.

While Hable One offers more functions through button combinations, Hable Easy keeps it simple and straightforward, making it perfect for beginners or those who prefer ease over complexity.

Ready to make the switch to a more accessible phone experience? You can sign up for the waitlist via this form. It's a small step towards big changes in how you interact with your phone. Don't let technology leave you behind; let Hable Easy bring the simplicity of communication right to your fingertips.

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