We are Hable

Hable means Talking in spanish

"Imagine a world where everyone is in control.

Imagine a place where each person has access to the same information. 

A community that is completely inclusive.

Our community.

We believe that empowering people is the first step towards creating this community.

Towards inclusivity.

Towards a better world.

Empowerment is for everyone that dares to take it.

That dares to move forward.

Don't take rejection.

Take control. "

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Hable's recipe for making modern technology accessible

We don’t have to tell you that having access to a phone is one of the most valuable things in life. Give a person a phone, and immediately they’ll have at their fingertips apps to help save money, consult a doctor, find a job, connect with family and friends, or assist everyday tasks. Of course, there are no apps to give back eyesight, but it’s a complete life changer. With the Hable One, we give every blind person the possibility to use their phone in a completely private, fast, and accessible way. Making a change starts by empowering people to participate in everyday life.

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